Meet Neveah Mitchell

She is the founder and CEO of Ga Mud Garlic Butter. She is an amazing young lady who found the key to her success with garlic butter. She has aspirations to enroll Georgia State University to to achieve her Masters in Speech Pathology. She attends Chestnut Log Middle and obtains a 3.8 gpa. Neveah loves social studies and Language Arts. She is also presuing dual enrollment at CCI a program at west ga tech for their nursing program. Neveah will graduate with a college degree. Neveah loves seafood and she always created the best butter recipe her family has ever tasted. She debuted her Masterpiece on May 5, 2020 to a lot of friends and family her parents Benjamin & Lanell Mitchell had over that afternoon. Her father made grill lobster tails on the grill that was based in the succulent Ga Mud Garlic Butter and presented them to all the guest. The garlic butter became such a hit that Cinco de Mayo that everyone suggested its time to take her garlic butter on the road. With her parents supposed backing her. She Launched her business in June 2020. The business has kept her extremely busy with skyrocking sales. Neveah keeps up with all the demands on her iPad and cell iPhone for now. She has one goal for now and thats to allow her recipe to touch every table in America and overseas. She says she won’t stop until that is achieved. Neveah is not your typical teen, she is a teen with a dream!